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Saturday, May 24, 2003


Thanks to many of the new Dean sites that have linked back to me recently, especially San Francisco for Dean, We Want Dean (WI), and North Florida For Dean.

Hellfire Nation 

I happened to catch a majority of Brown University Professor James Morone's presentation on C-Span's BookTV just an hour ago (taped back in April). Akin to George Lakoff's Moral Politics, his book Hellfire Nation seems to go deeper into the history of morality movements and their impact on the history and politics of our country.

Social moralities spoken by Martin Luther King, FDR, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass and others seem to have been forgotten on the Left, of late. The question of who will (hopefully and finally) re-define a Democratic Morality in 2004 is still open...but, you know my choice.

Deflation Awareness 

Paul Krugman, Princeton Professor of Economics and NY Times columnist, had taken much heat lately for not backing up his columns critical of the latest Bush Tax Cut. Today, he publishes a basic primer on deflation, the source of his concern....

(*** You will need to register with the NY Times to read the article: if you do, sign-up for their news alerts, daily headlines from the NY Times in your email every morning)

Of course, Howard Dean has voiced similar concerns of late, too....


Tom has an excerpt of this years commencement address at St. John's College by Lewis H. Lapham, editor of Harper's Magazine. One passage:

"Democracy allies itself with change and proceeds under the assumption that nobody knows enough, that nothing is final, that the old order (whether of men and women or institutions) will be carried off-stage every 20 years....To the extent that a democratic society gives its citizens the chance to chase its own dreams, it gives itself the chance not only of discovering its multiple glories and triumphs, but also of surviving its multiple follies and crimes."

Hope and Change: it's not just for college graduates anymore....

Thursday, May 22, 2003

The Phenom 

The New Republic serves up some details on what is going on here in the Dean Blogosphere...

The Whip (a la CNN's Aaron Brown) 

So much activity of late - from top to bottom:
Good fundraising numbers,
...good grassroots numbers, (thanks, Rick) expanded team in the dugout, (thanks Dean blog)
...and another interview to consider (thanks, Truthout)....

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Dean in the Heartland 

Direct link on C-Span to a Real Player video file of Howard Dean at Iowa Senator Tom Harkin's "Hear it from the Heartland" series of Democratic presidential contenders.... A good viewing, for anyone who's not seen the Governor in public to date (broadband DSL/cable modem connection suggested for effective streaming, runs approx 1 hr 30 minutes)

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Third Branch 

A threat, ballooned by Senate Republicans recently to legally challenge Senate filibuster rules over Democrats blocking Circuit Court appointments for Miguel Estrada and Priscilla Owen (now taken up by Judicial Watch), takes on a new light with respect to the Supremes. To quote Newsday:

"With no change on the court in nearly a decade - the longest period without turnover in 180 years - the level of anticipation and preparation by groups on the left and the right is intense. Both sides expect a brutal battle, with the Republicans even threatening to force a legally questionable change in Senate procedure to prevent a Democratic filibuster. Such a move could itself force a constitutional crisis."

Someone's keeping their eyes on the prize....