One Father For Dean
A Father and His Politics....

Friday, August 01, 2003

From The Left Coaster 

From a quality blogger who has questioned Governor Dean's electability in the past comes a very good analysis of what Howard Dean is doing to move his candidacy forward.

A big thanks to you, Steve, for keeping an open mind...

Economics Homework 

Alternet has an interesting article which includes a map of incomes in the United States.... plotted against I-70.

Based on this, where do you live?

Monday, July 28, 2003

My First Mention on NPR 

Thanks to Matt Gross at Dean Headquarters, my 2 seconds of fame have arrived in the middle of an NPR piece on Howard Dean and the Internet....And thanks to N.Todd at Dohiyi Mir for noticing the mention....

Very cool. Oh, and the $500K+ is a nice win...

Dean Team v. Bush-Cheney

Show Me The Money 

As an interface to public data on campaign finances at the FEC, Political Money Line gives you access to donor information for those contributing over $250 per candidate in each part of the election cycle.

And today, Governor Dean wraps up a 4-day fundraising weekend to meet or exceed the amount Vice President Cheney is slated to raise tonight in South Carolina.... the Bat is Back.


As usual, Billmon does an exemplary job going under the covers of Mr. Dean's Army...and although the outcome he foresees for the Governor is not mine, most Dean supporters are realistic to know this is a possibility among many for our candidate of choice...

But, "...the movement's the thing": as long as those energized by Howard Dean, his campaign, the 2004 election or politics in general keep involved moving forward, then we will have won....