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Saturday, August 09, 2003

An Open Letter To Andrew Sullivan 


A true eagle can do a lot to break through the clutter of misconception between "anti-war" and "Anti-War", if you choose....

I must admit that I have not read you regularly enough to know the full nuance of your concerns with Howard Dean's Defense, nor your spirited backing of the President's Offense (pre-emptive military action theory, that is...)

Most Americans continue to "support" the war in Iraq. I read in this polling an optimistic public belief that, despite grave concerns of an ill-prepared reconstruction plan and overtly propagandized war, American Democracy is an exportable good. Howard Dean believes the same.

Forging an early alliance with those who say no bomb is too small, no bullet too slow to "Keep the Peace" was not a dove-only pretense by the Governor. Process and honesty do count.

The President disregarded the maturity and ability of the American public to make an informed choice. True Leadership (tm) would have provided a detailed case on Iraq's tangential relationship to the War on Terrorism and the costs involved at home and abroad to enable True Security (tm) . In this case, it is only the greater American electorate who have been left in the dark and unsecured.

As a Vermonter during four years of the Dean Administration, I feel strongly that this country can benefit from Governor Dean's pragmatic approach to government budgets, public services and civil rights. Dean's re-invigoration of political action in American life through on-line and off-line organizing is surely a good thing.

As you take time this month, know that many Dean supporters are at the ready and waiting to work with you, should you decide from your time of reflection to work with us.

Social Security As A Social Good 

Social Security was originally put in place to eliminate the poverty of elder Americans; and its success is proven....

So, working to ensure it for the future as a social (not market) good will take pragmatic choices like some of those discussed here....

Dean Is.... 


Thursday, August 07, 2003

Social Morality and The Judiciary 

The Senate Judiciary Committee flap over only 4 of 140 nominees being held in committee has heated up to the point where claims of anti-religious bias have been leveled by a Conservative Coalition.

But, looking more closely at the process -- where Presidents historically vetted candidates prior even to committee introduction -- and the nominees denied introduction in the past proves this false....

As an "Apostolic Automat-er" myself, I would deem them Cafeteria Conservatives....

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Another View 

Dana Blankenhorn's take on the why of Howard Dean's candidacy....

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Local Reporter On The Dean Beat 

Dan Gillmor, technology reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, is heading North to Burlington, VT to see the Dean Machine in action.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Time For His Close-Up... 

Per the Official Dean Blog:

"Tonight (Monday, 8/4) at 9 pm EDT, Dean will be on Larry King Live on CNN. The Governor will be on during the first half of the show, and live calls will be taken after the second commercial break, approximately 20 minutes into the show.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 8/5), Dean will be interviewed on NBC's Today Show during the first half hour of the broadcast (between 7 am and 7:30 EDT). Check local listings for air times near you.

And tomorrow night (Tuesday, 8/5) CSPAN will broadcast live the AFL-CIO's Presidential Candidates Forum in Chicago, begining at 8 pm EDT."

Looking Good 

Iowa Results (past Saturday),
70K Meetup (yesterday),
Texas TV (today),
Larry King (tonight),
US News, Newsweek and Time (this week)